22 Desember 2011

Happy Birthday Ciela~♥ , By : Lavi

Woah! Today is Ciel's Birthday! Let's Celebrate her Birthday!

Oh Yes! i'm gonna showing some presents for my Ciela~♥

I'm giving you 2 Cute Christmas Teddy Bear! Enjoy Hihi xD

i make you some presents! "Ciel" Blocks! Haha LOL. Hope ya like it Ciel! :)

LMAO. Some small bathtub for you ._.

I make some song! Haha.. The Song : All i want from Christmas is , Ciel~~

And Some Wishes for you that i'm wishing you some Good Lucks at your family 
and Lucky day and God Bless Ciel Always! :)

Make some room name ._.

Thanks for reading! Hope you like it Ciel! <3

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