15 April 2012

Drawing Contest

Hello all! I decided to make Drawing Contest. This is my 1st Drawing Contest and the prize is thousand of Gummies! This Drawing Contest is about drawing Lavi's Pico (my pico). The best photo drawing will picked as  the winner!

~Find a picture of my pico, you can search on my blog (these blog), or if some of you are my buddies you can ask me to take a pic of my pico.
~Submit you best photos on my twins page (me and max's page), Link : click here (make sure you already become of our fans)
~1st winner got : 30,000 Gummies
~2nd winner got : 10,000 Gummies
~No copying other's drawing! Make sure it's your drawing.
~No CHEATING (cheating other's will be rejected).
~Deadline : 22 April 2012

My 2nd Account : ¢яeamy☆ℓïcïøus
That account will give you the gummies.
Well Good Luck of joining the contest!

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