01 Januari 2012

Changing Name to Lavi Śhieru

Hi all Readers/Followers, It's me Lavi ! Today i'm changing my name, From : Lavi D' Mango♡ to Lavi Śhieru , i change my name because i want to be Śhieru family , i ask can i just write at pico profile? But they say must name too, so i change to Lavi Śhieru :( i will miss my old name, and if somebody read this, could you help me to say to ßryWIJ Étoile that i change name to Lavi Śhieru? >< Just write to his Facebook Profile or Navy Pico 6 Fan Page , and.. Oh uh! Please say this to Ayame   Étoile too! Please write this to Pico Rock Band Page wall, Because i'm PRB Batch 'O4 , so i change name, i must say to her too! Thanks for helping ! :D

Remember :
Old Name : Lavi D' Mango♡
New Name : Lavi Śhieru

Quotes : I will miss my old name :( , Because my old name is so special <3

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