17 Februari 2012

Maid and Duke Challenge

Finally! Pico made "Maid and Duke Challenge" :D
When i was newbie i'd like to be a maid of a restaurant
My dream is building a big Classic Cute Restaurant :3

Info :
February 17th~February 22th (23:59 GMT)

in Slot Area

Win C$1,000(from the start)
→ Almighty One x5

Win C$10,000(from start)
→Almighty Three x 10
Win C$50,000 (from the start)
→Maid Luxurious Chair

Win C$100,000 (from the start)
→Maid Luxurious Table

Win C$ 150,000(from the start)
→Maid Luxurious Table, Maid Luxurious Clock, Maid Luxurious Floor

Win C$ 250,000(from the start)
→Maid Headband, Maid Dress, Maid Luxurious Wall, Maid Luxurious Window
Win C$ 250,000(from the start)
→Duke Outfit,  Duke Outfit, Maid Luxurious Wall, Maid luxurious Window

and . . .

If the 500 first PICOS who make C$250,000 will get

Maid Luxurious Tea-wagon!!! Good Luck :D

and.. How to go to the Casino Maid&Duke Challenge is...

soo.. Good Luck for this Challenge! ^^ NO CHEATING OKAY?!

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