25 April 2012

Imvu ~ 3D Game Playing

Hi People! Do you ever know about 3D game named "Imvu"? Yes, i do! Imvu is a 3D Game, you can socialize with stranger or other people from other countries. Well this game is for Adults only (18+). Many underage plays this game lol. Except me LOL.

Logo of Imvu :
This is the Logo of Imvu, don't got tricked from Fake Imvu websites!

Simple Tutorial :
This tutorial made by.... me. :3
This photo showing the panels/icons of the Imvu Game, i gave this to people who can't play Imvu, so i hope this can be helpful for you guys. ^^

How to Register Imvu?
Easy guys. Just go to www.imvu.com
They will show the icon to download and steps to make the avatar. Well Good Luck. :3

(But the way, this is aren't Pico game. It's just a game that you can play when you're bored.)

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