09 April 2012

Pico Gags

Do you guys ever heard about "Gags"? Well usually people make Gags when they bored. Someone copied from 9gag.com too. xD Well let's start the Pico Gags!

By : Chu Śhieru 
I don't know whos Pico is this, but she can edit it so well, the crop are really nice, the hands LOL. The hands was like 'Give me your money!"

By : Lavi Śhieru
Hehehe. LOL i made this when i'm boring, don't trust this. This is only kind of Jokes. xD

These photos made by : PicGag (Pico Gaggers)
Page of Pico Gaggers : http://www.facebook.com/picgag

Admin's Life (i don't know who make this photo) :
Positions from few to SUPER MANY!
~5 Likes : Duh!
~200 Likes : Mhm?
~1000 Likes : xD
~30300 Likes : HELL YES!

Well i kinda post this because today (9/4/2012), there's maintenance on Ameba Pico. 
They update it 1 hours ago, Here's the snapshot :

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